Monarchs are on the move!
Now is the time to plant your seeds and grow Milkweed.

Our Mission: To keep our skies filled with Nature's color.

The education, involvement, assistance and acknowledgment of persons directly acting to benefit the Monarch Butterfly and various native creatures who have suffered a decline in their natural habitats.

Clear Goals. Clear objectives. Results you can see.
Create an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

The Live Monarch Foundation is a program of United Charitable Programs, a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1)public charity (EIN#20-4286082)

At Live Monarch, we:

  • aim to educate everyone in the United States and beyond about habitat loss and what they can do to assist native animals. We have implemented ongoing successful free seed programs and habitat reclamation projects across North America.
  • are partnering with individuals, groups, schools, places of worship, government and private business to facilitate the success of our programs. Together we produce clear results quickly.
  • are using your small contributions and larger Tax Deductible Gifts to directly impact your area by giving back to the groups and communities where funds were collected. The value of your involvement is readily seen and ensures that the miracle of Nature's creatures are protected to inspire future generations.

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UPDATE 2019:

This year marks another sharp decline in Monarch overwintering numbers and may represent the shrinking of their migratory route. The 97% decline from their high over the past 20 years has researchers very concerned.

Milkweed to lay eggs on is in short supply, according to our field observers, and will severely hurt the 3,000 mile Monarch migration From Central Mexico to Central Canada. Please start your seeds soon so plant materials exist for our butterflies to find on their migration route North. It is not too late to make a real difference. Please contact all your friends and get them involved in growing milkweed and protecting the caterpillars from predation. They need your full support now. Millions of Monarchs and Children are counting on you.

Did You Know? On a good year year aproximately 180-280 million Monarchs start migrating, mate, lay eggs along the way and their children continue the round trip. Milkweed is needed along the entire route or they will not survive. It takes more than one milkweed plant for each surviving adult due to natural predators. That is an enormous ammount of milkweed! Most North Americans were very lucky to have seen even one Monarch Butterfly over the past few years.

You can help! Become an active participant now. Make a difference today. It all starts with one seed...and we need you to plant it.

We try to direct over 70% of your donations towards programs which directly impact your local area - Results you can see.

Help us make sure butterflies have plenty of gardens to find food in ... Plant free seeds and Please do not overlook the perfect Gift... Personalized seed packs.

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NOW is the time to get your butterfly garden plants.

Please tell all your friends about this web site and how to get their plants too!


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The movie at right shows the magical transformation from Caterpillar to Chrysalis to Butterfly.

Watch as the Caterpillar turns into a chrysalis. Within days the Chrysalis looking like a jade jewel with golden ring turns clear. The following morning the Monarch slowly emerges from its case and spreads its wings. It will remain still for hours as it dries its wings and prepares for its first flight. This is a true spectacle of Nature you have just witnessed. The adult Monarch is then ready to fly free and find its kind to continue the circle of life.

Native Indian legends say: If you have a secret wish, find a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. When you release the butterfly, it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit. By setting the butterfly free, you are helping to restore the balance of nature, and your wish will surely be granted. Click below to learn about the Monarch and see how it can make a most special gift.

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