Can You Help The Monarch?

YES! Monarchs are quite easy to help. Just Plant Milkweed seeds and care for the plants. If you want to really help the species - grow lots of milkweed. You can greatly assist the Monarch breeding population by:

  1. Growing lots of Milkweed.
  2. Protecting the young caterpillars from predators by screening in the plants if possible.
  3. Introducing new bloodlines into your area by acquiring unrelated Monarchs for breeding or live releases.
  4. Letting everyone you meet know about the Monarch. Tell them about this site and give them Milkweed seeds to plant in their own backyard.
  5. Getting involved with organizations that protect wildlife.
  6. Learning as much as you can about Monarchs and other threatened species of animals and plants.

Our Fundraising Programs In Action:

Anyone or any group can make a big difference!

You can give away personalized seed packs or take donations and keep the profits. Beautiful customizable seed packs 45 cents each can be sold easily for $1 each as they are really worth it and promote your organization's message. The exact same seeds are availiable in seed packs for $3.00 (Martha Stewart) and we give you more seeds! Click Here

We hand out at least 200,000 seed packs a year and people love them. Forget about chocolate, frozen pizza or coupons nobody will use...everyone appreciates and keeps their personalized full color seed pack...and most will credit you with their butterfly sightings as well.

You can be a group of one or hundreds. We will provide all the necessary materials to start a successful "Save The Butterflies" campaign. Our Foundation charter enables us to directly compensate you for your efforts to collect funds. Funds you or your group collects can go directly to you and your community. We will also directly impact your local area with the creation of a natural butterfly preserve through the placement of suitable plants and specially bred caterpillars and butterflies which will continue their life cycle in your local preserve.

Please contact us with your questions by e-mail.

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We are here to help succeed!

Program Examples:

  1. You or your group receives our materials and begins to educate others and collect tax deductible donations from friends, family, coworkers, persons in the street, businesses or anywhere else.
  2. You give away Free Seed packs as an "Instant Thank You" and issue the donor a Tax Deductible Receipt which is part of our provided package.
  3. You implement your personal plan of action to get the word out.
  4. Your group receives 20% of any funds collected and we use 50% to provide a butterfly preserve for your efforts. That is 70% which directly impacts your local area - Results you can see.

Our outline for fund allocation:

For each $100 in Tax Deductible contributions.

  • 50% or $50 to habitat creation in fundraising area.
  • 20% or $20 to the fundraising group. (to cover your costs)
  • 20% or $20 to Free Seed / Education Program
  • 10% or $10 for our materials and administrative staff

* Per IRS rules: The 20% may not be given back to the actual donor of the funds, it can be added to the local preserve fund or given to a third party who can also donate it to the creation of your local preserve.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to groups all over The United States and North America who have already taken action and further inspired us to invest our time, money and creativity to facilitate the creation of truly meaningful educational, inspirational and enjoyable conservation programs which include:

  • Hospital visits with living butterflies to raise the spirits of those who have no other contact with nature due to illness.
  • Nursing home and assisted living projects where we provide plants and caterpillars so the elderly can watch the entire process from egg to adult over a 30 day period. Our cost to provide the experience is approximately twelve dollars plus our time, the interest and joy we bring as their butterflies grow and fly free is priceless.
  • Nursery schools and day care where we provide seed packs and a complete learning experience as children watch the whole life cycle. This becomes a major learning tool and the excitement level of all involved is amazing.
  • Free Seed packs handed out by the thousand at community events. Just imagine the results of 2,000 individuals planting just one plant in your community - results you can see...year after year.
  • UPDATE - In 2003 We gave away 180,000 seed packs! (Over 2 MILLION SEEDS) and that is just a start. Help us spread the word and plant a seed for our future.
  • UPDATE - in 2004 - 2006 We partnered with many organizations to give away over 10 million seeds one pack at a time. A special Thank you to keep Texas beautiful, keep Laredo Beautiful, scout troops all over the country and so many others that partnered with us to get materials and education into so many hands.
  • UPDATE - in 2007 We again partnered with many organizations to give away over 8 million seeds one pack at a time. Our focus changed somewhat in the winter of 2007 and we have realized that we are truly a global community. Look for our new community pages and worldwide interactive map. Our reach may also extend to a cloud in your back yard as our mascot "The Monarch" has taken flight.
  • UPDATE - 2008-2016 We have consistently provided over 8 million milkweed seeds and maintained our facility in South Florida where we grew tens of thousands of Milkweed and raised thousands of Monarchs for our community releases.
  • UPDATE - 2017 - 2018 Has been our greatest challenge with a 800 mile move to North Georgia the construction of a new facility and many delays and staff changes.

Special Thanks to Cub Pack 846 from Texas!

Over 1,800 seed packs so far!

Keep up the good work!

If your group has pictures to display please email us and we will proudly display the best!

Monarchs Are Dependent on Us.

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